Why video is key to the success of any SEO campaign

Whilst it constantly evolves and presents new challenges, search engine optimisation (SEO) is still one of the most cost effective inbound marketing strategies in the digital world. Yet one fundamental component of any successful SEO campaign, and one that is generally overlooked, is video. For many businesses, video can be misunderstood as people generally think it’s expensive and time consuming to carry out. But video is perhaps the most engaging and informative way to portray your brand and its message, and in terms of Google, the most rewarding.

Tap into a different market

Google may be the largest and most recognised search engine in the world, but YouTube is the second and the perfect place to share a company video. Recent statistics revealed that a staggering one billion people use YouTube, with the search engine getting four billion views a day, making it the perfect platform to showcase your brand to your target audience. However, it’s crucial that you remember to optimise your videos with searchable titles, catchy descriptions and keywords so Google can understand its relevance.

Google friendly

Although we cannot 100% determine how Google algorithms effect search engine ranking, YouTube videos that are SEO optimised are generally given a high level of authority. This might partly be down to the fact that Google own YouTube, but does it matter? The higher the authority of your content and video the higher it will rank when your target market search for the relevant keywords included in your video descriptions.

What’s more, not many people know that YouTube automatically transcribes any spoken script in a video. This means that if you use relevant keywords in your video then the transcript will optimise your YouTube page, just like content would on your website.

Increase conversion rates

For the most part, adding a video to your website, or sharing it on social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter, can actually increase your conversation rates significantly. Videos are a much more interesting way to communicate and it can actually create a lot of trust with your customer, especially if it’s personal.

Easily shared

Thanks to social media, content can be shared instantly to a wide audience in the click of a button and Google recognises this. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in particular make it exceptionally easy for consumers to share posts which in turn allows people to engage with the video and its content. In terms of SEO, Google sees this as a massive tick in the box, and a key reason as to why video is crucial for effective digital marketing strategies.

In summary, video marketing has become an extremely important area of any SEO campaign and will not only give you a return on your investment, but will project your brand messages and products in front of an audience you wouldn’t be able to reach anywhere else.

Northern Media is a full service marketing agency that specialises in SEO, video marketing, PR and social media management. For more information on our services please contact our Wakefield office on 01924 367 105.

Written by Jonathan Scott

Sales Director

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