Websites designed to purpose

Websites are no longer just about having a page on the internet where people can find contact details about your company. No, they have become far more.

Here at Northern Media, our expertise has lead us to creating some of the best websites on the internet for our clients, ranging from roofers, to drain experts and pest control services. We understand that websites need to be informative, provide insight and highlight the positive qualities of your company, whilst looking visually appealing but also providing the simplest of details, such as a phone number.

It however is not just as simple as that. Websites in their complexity have to serve a purpose. For some people the reason behind their website is simple, my competitors have one. For others it is to provide more leads, and others to sell products. But whatever the purpose, it is important to have a strategy and a goal when starting the building process.

Let’s start at the very beginning with a blank page. Your design and goals are everything? Consumers make up their mind within 10 seconds whether they like the site or not. If your design is good they will stay, if not they will leave. Therefore establishing an easy to navigate design, with a good logo and pictures is essentials to helping people move around the site and being won over by the quality compared to your rivals.

After a good design, let’s have a look at those goals? Is it to inform, gain more sales, build trust, reduce advertising costs, or to build a community. Unfortunately too many people’s goals early on are to be number one on Google or have an unrealistic traffic target. To get there takes time, with good regular content and SEO but a vision to provide information and reduce advertising costs is certainly more achievable quickly.

Establishing a presence online is also a big motive behind building a website. With more and more people searching on Google rather than the yellow pages, an online search result will almost definitely help to get more work. By using this presence to educate consumers, answer their simplest of questions and obtain referrals, suddenly a good website becomes a powerful tool in your armoury.

Key however to any website, whether new or a rebrand, is to consider your target audience. What will they want to see? It’s obvious that if you are selling goods, a price and a picture would help drive a sale, but too often these small things are overlooked. Provide valuable information regarding the industry and history regarding your company can all add extra depth and credibility to both the site and yourselves. This can thus be a great way to gain new clients and keep hold of the ones you already have.

If all this sounds interesting and is something you are actively seeking to take advantage of, then why not contact Jonathan Scott or Chris Elliott on 01924 367105 and let us help you today.

We build websites full of colour and information, but more importantly we build website to help the most important person, you.

Written by Anthony Bowyer

Senior Account Manager

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