Website Tips

Northern Media have been creating user friendly websites for many clients since we were established.

Over that time, we have learnt a few tricks of the trade that help us provide a greater quality of website, which makes people stay on them longer and creates a higher conversion rate for our clients. Today, we are going to look at a few initial tips and tricks that we want to share with you.

Firstly, make your website look good. This seems obvious, but a clear design, with a branding that can be carried through on other products really sets you out from the competitors. There is no point paying a lot of money for rebranding or business cards with a logo, if your logo/theme is not the same on your website.

Your website should also be extremely user friendly. Don’t make information hard to find, but instead have clear tabs that can be hyperlinked to more information. If you want people to find out more about a product, link it to that page, tell them where to go. The more user friendly it is, the more people will want to stay on the page and thus convert it into an order or a sale.

With regards to vital information they will need, make sure it is at the top of the page. Do not hide it under the scroll line otherwise you are misleading people. You cannot assume that because it’s on the page that is enough. If it is important make sure people see it straight away.

If you are hoping to get an order from it, make that the simplest of things possible. If they must ring to place an order, either redirect them to the contact us page, or have the number on the page high up so people can see it. Wasting time to find information infuriates customers who are more likely to find a website where the order or inquiry process is obvious.

Top point: Remember that the more credible you are, and the more people can relate to you, the more they are likely to trust and use your services. Put on a warehouse address, even put the team members of the company. People relate to people not machines so if you need to ring Jane in the office, tell people, and make it as easy as possible.

Another great tip is to be memorable. Offering a good service is a start but if you can provide additional information then do. If you can use your website to be seen as an industry player or to go that extra mile this all helps. It also relates to the earlier point about brand image. If you can visually show your product and alternatives do this, make people want to come back for more. This all helps to get current and future orders.

Finally, know your USP. If you need to target people within a certain area, relate to those types of people. There is little point putting lots of information that does not relate to the product, as lots of text can put people off. Be selective and focused on your USP.

These are just a few tips we want to share with you today. If you feel your website needs some more direction, then give us a call on 01924 367105 and see how we can help you generate more orders.

Written by Anthony Bowyer

Senior Account Manager

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