Top email marketing tips to improve your campaign results

Email marketing is a very effective, low cost, form of advertising, out-performing mobile marketing, and social media. With a little careful management, you can increase the success rates of your email marketing campaigns, using these top tips shared for you by Northern Media.

Start with the ‘open rate’ for your emails. That is, the percentage of chosen recipients, who actually open your email. Studies have shown that simply re-sending the email a week later can increase the initial open rate by 30%. Furthermore, send your emails at a time when your recipients will actually be opening emails, for a better chance of success. It is never a good idea to send the email on a Friday at 4pm, or early on a Monday morning when people have other things on their mind and your email may be missed in the regular weekly churn.

Also, separate your customers according to their sphere of interest, and send appropriate emails. This will help to increase the open rate, especially if your title is tailored towards this sector. By making the recipient feel like you have targeted the email to them, they are more likely to open it.

If you seem to get a lot of emails going to spam, you can avoid having your emails rejected by spam filters by removing words like ‘earn per week’, or ‘winning’.

Send your emails at regular intervals, so that your customers will expect them, but vary the format of the subject line, to maintain their interest. For example, try a one-word subject, a short list, or a humorous or striking phrase to achieve a higher open rate.

For a successful email marketing campaign, you will want to increase your ‘click through’ rate as well. This is the percentage of recipients who click through on a link to your website. To encourage ‘click through’, it is important that your email is mobile responsive, and it should have one clear, concise, message. Tempt your readers to click through by leaving out some information that will be available only after click through. Studies have shown that emails containing videos are more successful, and multiple invitations to click through will be more effective than just one.

Finally, the success of your email marketing campaign can be increased by encouraging your recipients to share or forward the email. Make it clear that your products, services or offers are available to friends and contacts of your recipients, and encourage them to share to social media sites, by providing a link.

For more information about how to conduct a successful email marketing campaign, consult the experts at Northern Media.


Written by Owen Molde

Marketing Support Executive

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