The future of website design

At Northern Media, website design is our business, and because it is constantly changing, it is important that we keep abreast of changes in technology and in the marketplace in order to design and provide cutting edge products for our customers.

This is why we sent our intrepid reporter to London to attend the Future of Web Design event at the Brewery venue. 28 key figures in the digital industry spoke at length, providing insight into graphic design, responsive design, user-experience and user-interface design (otherwise known as UX and UI), CSS architecture, animation and the rapidly-changing global web. A number of fascinating workshops were also held.

The inaugural speech by Paul Adams was very though-provoking, as he put forward the notion that because the internet now has part to play in practically everything that we do in our lives and its influence will only increase as time goes on, that as web designers we will essentially be ‘designing change’.

Mr Adams that because so many people are now using the internet, that web-design has to become more personalised in order to reach people, because it is essentially people businesses are dealing with, not machines, which echoes many of the algorithmic changes made by Google in recent years, as it strives to make its search engine more user-friendly.

Peter Gasston, author of the “Modern Web”, was also one of the speakers, with a presentation entitled “How to Stay Relevant”. This presentation put forward the notion that the way to build value for people and businesses in the long-term, is to ‘anticipate what’s next’.

This is something that we feel applies to all businesses, but is especially important for companies like Northern Media, as our main focus – helping businesses to develop a presence on the web – is defined by changes in technology changing and developing at an exponential rate.

The fact that the internet plays such a huge part in our daily lives and ‘permeates everything we do’ as Paul Adams said in his speech, means that pretty soon every size and type of business of will need a website.

It would therefore be wise to devise a marketing strategy with this in mind. So, if you need help setting up a website or you need SEO services for your existing website, please call us on 01924 367 105.

Written by Jess Venson

Senior Graphic Designer

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