How to run an AdWords campaign 

A successful AdWords campaign will bring an increased flow of traffic to your site and as such is a popular marketing tool. To make your campaign as effective as possible it is important that you are targeting the correct visitors with the correct keywords. Here are some of our tips for running a great AdWords campaign:

  1. Decide on Ad campaign groupings

Normally an AdWords campaign will consist of different Ad groups. Each of these corresponds to different Ad texts linked to search engine keywords. It’s important to identify clear Ad groups before you begin any campaign. Common themes include geography and different products. So, if you were a garage door company you may decide to have different groups for each type of door you sell.

  1. Identify AdWords keywords

Next, it’s important to identify the most relevant keywords for each group so that the right kind of traffic is being directed to your site. Specialised software can help you determine what these keywords are which means there is a better chance that visitors to your website will be interested in your product(s), there will be a higher click-through rate and a lower cost per click because of your campaign.

  1. Regularly review the campaign

As with many marketing tools, an AdWords campaign needs a frequent review to ensure its efficiency. Take time to check that keywords are effective and make edits to these or any keyword groupings if necessary. Again, software can help you to analyse keyword data and allowing you to select the most suitable words for your campaign.

Northern Media is a full-service design and strategic marketing agency which operates across the North of England. We are highly experienced in all areas of digital marketing including carrying out AdWords campaigns. To find out more about how we can help your business with their next campaign please get in touch today on 01924 367 105.


Written by Owen Molde

Marketing Support Executive

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