Towndoor increase existing and prospective client engagement through Social Media

The Objective

Towndoor are one of the leading providers of commercial property rental services in Huddersfield and the surrounding areas. In order to continue growing the business, it is important Towndoor continue to develop relationships with both start-up and existing businesses that may be interested in commercial property. Engaging with local businesses via Social Media is a key way to increase the volume of inbound property enquiries. Towndoor therefore enlisted the help of Northern Media to increase the company’s presence on Social Media.

Solutions offered

In order to increase customer loyalty and brand recognition, Northern Media suggested a dynamic social media campaign to create an online community. Enabling Towndoor to target and engage with customers, prospects, suppliers, partners and other influential groups or organisations, driving referrals and recommendations.

The campaign offered included regular daily posting on the company’s twitter page and several posts a week to Facebook, providing hints and tips on the commercial property market and all the latest properties and company news. This allows the clients to reach a wide and diverse audience, plus engage with current tenants.

In order to position Towndoor as a leading industry expert, in particular Managing Director Dan, Northern Media also suggested regular posting to his LinkedIn account, communicating partnerships, posting articles and blog and industry news.

The Results

Northern Media’s targeted Twitter and LinkedIn campaign have delivered impressive and tangible results for the client. Towndoor’s Twitter account started with around 300 followers and has now grown over 1200. Engagement levels with stakeholder is also significantly up, making it one of the strongest social media campaigns in Northern Media’s portfolio.

The Managing Director’s regular posting has established him as a trustworthy, leading industry expert. His posts regularly receive around 10-20 likes and drives traffic back to the website.  All in all, every month the social media campaign creates on average 102 links back to the client’s site.

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