Northern Media submit proposal to Aqua Rentals

Northern Media has recently submitted a tender to Wakefield based Aqua Rentals to provide a range of marketing and advertising services. If successful, the project will see Northern Media play a key role in the growth and development of Aqua Rentals business throughout the UK.

Set against specific performance criteria, Northern Media have produced and submitted a marketing strategy and budget, within which are several marketing and advertising services. These include such things as expanding the existing Aqua Rentals website, search engine optimisation, direct mail and an adword campaign. Also proposed was Northern Media playing a sales support role throughout the duration of the 3-5 year campaign.

Commenting on the tender, sales director Jonathan Scott added, “We have been working with Aqua Rentals in Wakefield for over three years now and during that time we have provided high quality and professional services. I am 100% confident that if Aqua Rentals place their trust in us, we can really help drive the growth of their business”

Written by Tom Gibson

Project Manager

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