Northern Media secures new website contract

Wakefield based web design and marketing agency, Northern Media has secured a contract with ASPIRE to devise and create a new trading brand, then design and build two new html websites.

ASPIRE, the Yorkshire based appliance repair specialist, approached Northern Media around six months ago with an idea to create a repair sub-brand to target customers in specific locations such as Leeds and York.

More specifically, ASPIRE wanted the sub-brand to be light-hearted, informal, approachable and appeal to customers who want a quick, reliable and cost effective service. Northern Media’s team of graphic designers have created a logo and a brand which has that ‘Local Handyman’ feel, but without cheapening their service offering.

Commenting on the new brand, Sales Director Jonathan Scott added, “Whilst in the interest of confidentiality we can’t show any details at the moment, the customer is really pleased with the new logo, branding and front page design of the website. Our copywriters are busy putting together all the content for the site, which we expect to launch around February next year. Following launch we expect the website to reach page one on Google for most of the customer’s keyword search terms within 3 months of going live. Within 12 months, we would expect the website to be generating 2-4 enquiries per day”

The new website will be launched around February 2014, with optimisation work starting soon after that date. A PPC (Google Adword) campaign will also be implemented to drive traffic to the website in the short term.

Whilst the first micro-website will target the Leeds marketplace, a second micro-website to target the York area will be launched in summer 2014.

Due the economic climate the appliance repair business has grown significantly over the last five years. Seven or eight years ago, if your appliance broke down the general mind-set of the public was to buy a new one, particularly if the appliance was over two years old. But as a result of personal finance being stretched, more recently people have opted to repair their washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and cookers in order to save money.

Written by Anthony Bowyer

Senior Account Manager

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