Norther Media become a Google Partner

We are pleased to announce that Northern Media have officially been awarded Google Partner status.

Being officially certified by Google and earning the Google Partner badge comes as the result of passing detailed examinations that prove the agency’s depth of knowledge when it comes to Google AdWords.  Due to the increasing demand for AdWords campaigns, amongst both new and existing clients, we are proud to have achieved Google Partner status as it demonstrates how we can effectively use AdWords per-pay-click to help our clients grow their business.

But what exactly are our clients benefiting from our Google Partner status?

  • Expert certified staff. In order to become a Google Partner, an agency has to ensure they have certified staff that have undergone a series of exams demonstrating their ability to manage an AdWords campaign.
  • Guaranteed high quality of customer service. Google monitors the performance of Google Partners to ensure we are consistently delivering the high-quality customer service they expect.
  • Access to a Google representative. Google Partners have direct access to a Google representative who can be on hand to answer any questions related to our client’s accounts.
  • Google beta features. Partners have access to any new features or applications Google develop to test before they are rolled out, meaning we will always be ahead of the competition!

To start reaping the benefits of Northern Media’s Google Partner status, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team on 01924 367105.

Written by Mehreen Hashmi

Marketing Support Executive

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