In or out? Northern Media hold mock EU debate

This month saw the Northern Media team hold a ‘Question Time’ style debate on the pros and cons of whether the UK should remain in the European Union.

With so much conflicting information, a lack of clarity and biased political rhetoric being bounced around the media, the purpose of the exercise was to help our staff make a more informed decision on the 23rd of June.

Commenting on the debate, Sales Director Jonathan Scott added, “There were two main reasons we decided to have a debate on our EU membership. Firstly, we have academic experts in complete disagreement on the subject matter and the government are still expecting young people to make decisions on the future of our country. Secondly, we are all human and tend to vote selfishly, so we felt it was important for our team to have the opportunity to listen to each other’s views and perspectives in order to gain a balanced view.”

Whilst votes were not placed at the end of the debate, without doubt the consensus among the team was that there are huge economic risks of coming out of the EU, even if some of our fellow EU country members are in a dire financial situation. Questions were raised about whether there was enough confidence in the current government to act ‘quickly’ in the event of exiting the EU to avoid another recession and how effective our government would be in implementing a plan for post EU Britain – does one even exist? Another final point was about immigration and more specifically about whether the UK can sustain the current population growth, in the context of cuts in public sector spending. One valid question raised was “How can senior public sector figures plan their budgets when they have no control as to how many people might arrive next year?”

Managing Director, Chris Elliott added “Even though we approached the debate with a degree of informality, it was great to see our young team passionate about the future of our country and handling themselves with great integrity – if only some of the senior politicians had a similar attitude!”

If you would like to offer your opinions about our membership of the EU, it would be great to hear your thoughts in the comments field below.

Written by Jess Venson

Senior Graphic Designer

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