Hummingbird Google Algorithm is good news for NM

Google have again changed their parameters of their search features, launching a new algorithm ‘Hummingbird’ from a garage where the super power was raised.

The new algorithm offers a faster and more precise search experience, with a completely new way of indexing websites. To put it simply, if the Panda and Penguin versions were small changes, then this is a complete re-write.

The new algorithm takes into consideration a new feature, the searchers ‘intent’ rather than how many keywords they rank for on Google. The intent takes into consideration the whole phrase of the search rather than individual keywords and thus results are brought up by relevance. Instead of a phase being broken into key words, it now looks at the whole phrase. With words such as local or near to, the new algorithm also takes into consideration your location, based on IP address, on the same level as the original query.

This update is ground breaking in the way it interacts with every individual search and uses the website relevancy, rather than their frequency of keywords to drive traffic to their site. It will focus more on great relevant content which will in turn see website rank higher on the Google search rankings.

The new change is great for many of our clients at Northern Media. For years we have been focused on creating good regular content for our clientele and they will profit from this new change.

Marketing Executive and Online Copywriter Anthony Bowyer said: “One of the things that we have always strived to achieve is regular good content and this has helped our clients move up the rankings. We have found it hard to compete with some companies who have used many different techniques to gain inbound links to their site, but this new algorithm will showcase some of their unnatural linking processes.

“Instead, we have focussed our attentions on creating a great user experience and have outlined all our clients’ services on each page, providing a real flavour for what they do. This is precisely what the new hummingbird’s search will look for and we hope that it will drive even more traffic to our sites. We represent many local businesses whose searches should now appear ahead of more generic sites. It is exciting times for our clients.”

Northern Media are experts in online marketing, web design and copywriting, helping local companies achieve their turnover goals years upon year. If you company requires our services, you can contact Chris Elliott on or 01924 367105.

Written by Mehreen Hashmi

Marketing Support Executive

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