How to convert LinkedIn activity into business opportunities

Over the last five years, we have become increasingly seduced into the power of LinkedIn and the benefits it can bring to us as individuals and to our businesses. However for many of us we do not reap the rewards of the time we invest.

Jonathan Scott, sales director at Northern Media, discusses below how Yorkshire businesses can convert LinkedIn activity into opportunities:

“Whilst we generally feel our activity on LinkedIn is raising our personal profile, making us more visible and credible, raising brand awareness and helping us reach new business people, quite often we never actually analyse the true cost of time invested and measure the quantifiable return. I suspect therefore for many of us, the ROI would not be great reading.

“Having listened and worked with industry leading LinkedIn trainers over the last three years and from my experience in managing and testing the success of different LinkedIn strategies for clients across many different sectors, I have found there are some critical factors that consistently determine success. These are outlined below:

– Set yourself some clear goals (connections / leads / prospect meetings / sales)
– Create a content plan and schedule
– Understand the type of content that will influence and engage with your target audience
– Create a process of how you will transition the customer from connection to prospect meeting
– Position yourself as the expert and assume a position of authority
– Post twice daily (one update before 9am and one update after 5pm)
– Ask questions to create interaction
– Ask clients for recommendations
– Grow your connections weekly
– Align your LinkedIn campaign with your face to face network activity
– Follow up connection activity by suggesting face to face meetings
– Measure and monitor progress

“In all walks of life, success drives a greater motivation for more success. Following these simple guidelines will therefore not only open up more business opportunities, but it will also make the investment of time far less arduous.”

Northern Media is a full service marketing agency based in Wakefield, specialising in a range of services including social media. Over the years, our company has helped businesses in a variety of industries improve their brand awareness through a range of activities including strategic digital marketing, PR and adaptable and effective design.

If you are based in Wakefield, Leeds or Huddersfield and you are looking for more information on how we could help you, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01924 367 105. Alternatively, you can email us on

Written by Anthony Bowyer

Senior Account Manager

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