How small to medium sized business can use social media for commercial gain

With the UK celebrating its first Small Business Saturday in December 2013, Northern Media thought we would give a quick guide as to how SME’s can use social media (in particular Facebook) to help their businesses grow.

Social Media platforms such as Facebook are fast becoming an extremely effective form of media for many businesses, particular those in the business to consumer marketplace. The beauty of social media is that it can benefit your business by developing awareness, raising your profile, gauging the marketplace and, importantly, interacting with existing and future customers. ……and all it costs is some of your time!

Here are a few useful tips for setting up a Facebook campaign:

1. The initial part of any social media campaign is to get the basics right. Make sure that your profile page is updated and contains your business’ logo or a relevant photo as the main profile image. Your profile content should also contain the main info including direct link to your website, phone number, address, email address and also any links or references to other social media channels

2. You must also invite people to like your page. This can be done by inviting everybody in your own friends list, by selecting those friends who you think may carry more professional value, and most importantly, sending like requests to customers and prospects. This is particularly important if you are in a FMCG or repeat purchase industry.

3. Posting comments, statuses etc. is crucial and knowing what to post is even more important. All content posted on social media must be relevant, valuable and good quality e.g. useful tips, news, testimonials, new products etc. Businesses should also engage with followers and share useful content that may not be their own but is interesting. Commenting on those posts will also increase your exposure.

4. Use the platform to ask questions and engage with your followers. This will encourage people to respond and lead to an increase in comments. It is important to respond to followers that comment on your posts. In addition, responding to negative comments is a method of dealing with any bad experiences and offers a platform to engage, gather feedback and learn. Dealing with any issues in a polite and eloquent manner will enhance your company’s integrity.

5. Running competitions or incentives on Facebook are also a great way to engage with people and will encourage interaction.

6. It is proven that using visual methods can generate more interaction in the form of likes, comments and click throughs when compared to standard text. If you are feeling adventurous you can integrate Instagram into your Facebook account and share images.

7. Use the free tools on Facebook to try and understand your audience. Facebook Insights will show you how people are discovering and responding to your posts and comments.

Social Media platforms including Facebook are here to stay so it’s important for small businesses to explore the commercial opportunities that this type of media brings.

We understand that some businesses want to get a social media presence but simply don’t have the time to set it up and manage it. If you want to create a campaign for your company or simply want some additional information about online marketing then contact Northern Media on (01924) 367105 or now.


Written by Helen

Support Executive

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