How long will it take for my website to rank?

There is no doubt that for your website to be seen and generate traffic it must rank highly on search engine result pages.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is incredibly important in achieving higher rankings for pages but the exact amount of time it will take to rank well though is a little harder to define.

One of the reasons why it is difficult to specify an exact amount of time is because website ranking depends on many different factors. As well as SEO and website strength playing a part in proceedings, so do elements such as the budget available and the current online competition. For example, if the keywords you are using are very popular search terms, they will be more competitive and therefore sites that are established and have an online history are likely to rank highly.

One element that affects how well a website will rank is domain age. Any sites which are fewer than six months old are regarded as new sites and are therefore less reliable than ones that have been around and established for longer. This means that after six months have elapsed a website has a better chance of ranking more highly. Fresh content can also have a positive effect on ranking position. If new, high-quality and relevant content is consistently added to your webpage this will be a positive thing according to Google’s algorithms and therefore generate better rankings for the site over time.

Northern Media help businesses across a wide variety of sectors to improve their website rankings. As well as SEO we also provide social media management, branding, website design, email marketing and PR services. For more information about any of these or to discuss ways to improve your current marketing strategy please call us today on 01924 367 105.

Written by Owen

Marketing Support Executive

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