Google reveals most searched terms in 2011

Google Searches

Search giant Google has released a report revealing it’s most searched for terms in the UK during 2011. The top four search terms were ‘Facebook’, ‘YouTube’, ‘Hotmail’ and ‘eBay’, illustrating the year’s hottest trends.

As part of the report, Google split search terms into search categories such as ‘top celebrity searches’ and ‘top travel destination searches’.

Reflecting the state of the UK economy, Google saw significant growth in ‘bargain hunting’ terms, with phrases such as ‘cheap flights’, ‘cheap holidays’ and ‘cheap hotels’ being top of the list.

Following her high-profile marriage break up after just 72 days, Kim Kardashian topped the most searched for celebrity category, followed by Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson.

The royal wedding featured prominently amongst several categories, with ‘royal wedding’ listed as the fastest rising search in 2011 and ‘Kate Middleton’ being amongst the fastest rising people searches.

Click on this link for a more comprehensive breakdown of the league tables.

Written by Keith Sinclair

Web Developer

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