Easy Ways to Enhance Online Performance

The power and the influence of the internet means that businesses can now create a larger and more profitable audience using some quick and simple online techniques.

Links! – Whether it’s a link from your website (on page) or a link into your website (off page), links still have an influence on achieving a decent search engine ranking.

Great links are those that can be linked to your business’ industry so set up links on your site to any trade associations, industry bodies etc. and ask them for a link from their site back to yours if possible. Ultimately building trust is the key and the more of these links you have the more Google will trust your site.

It’s Good to Talk! – Apparently businesses that blog enjoy 55% more web traffic than those who don’t so setting up a blog is a valuable activity.

A blog is effectively an online diary and the content should again be relevant to your business and should focus on areas that you want to be known for……useful and relevant information. Useful tips (as we are now!) are always good topics for blogging.

Be Sociable! – Getting people to respond to your blogs and posts is the important part as it’s no use giving out all your wisdom but nobody reading about it!

Using the different forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) is the best platform to converse with your audience. This allows you to combine content and conversation with your customers as well as possibly thousands more!

Don’t wait for people to find you…….start responding to comments, answer questions or offer useful tips on a given subject. If you can portray yourself as a knowledgeable and friendly business you are almost there and this will help create enquiries and business.

Watch What you are Doing! – Knowing how and where you are getting your leads from is always handy as it can help you channel the appropriate effort and resources.

The most well-known and easiest to use is Google Analytics which provides a valuable breakdown of web visitors and on site behaviour…..and its free!

Naturally these are just a handful of easy to do tips to improve your online activity and performance. If you want to discuss a more detailed online marketing strategy then call Northern Media on (01924) 367105…..We Love to Talk!

Written by Helen

Support Executive

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