Content is King

Here at Northern Media, we have been offering an expert Online Marketing service for a number of clients across the Yorkshire region.

One of the main things we specialise in is copywriting, specifically in regards to Google rankings, and it is here where we want to share some of our expertise.

There are a few key areas but the most important thing, and you will hear many other companies also refer to it, is regular content. In other words; content is king.

Now where some people go wrong is they assume regular content is just a set amount a month and sticking to that figure. Now in terms of regular content that meets the agenda, but uploading four pieces of content on the same day, or in the space of a week is not good; it is irregular uploading.

This will mean there is another month until any more new content is added. Instead, one blog or news story every week (which adds up to four a month) keeps the website active and fresh. This way, it will bring people to the website regularly and will help with brand awareness.

So what do you write about in your blog? Industry news can be a great way of showing that you are actively engaging with the sector you are involved with. Rewriting stories that have relevance to your company as well as commenting about new legislation can be a great way of educating your clients.

You can also share posts about your recent projects. If you have recently completed a job at a house or for a large company such as Tesco or Asda then posting it on your website can give your company some great credibility, and show you are helping a high proportion of the community.

You can also be creative with your content. Look at your company’s strengths and write about them in a positive way, explaining how they can really help the client or customer.

So the next time you write content, don’t just think about loading four pieces on in one go, or pieces that are unrelated. Make sure they are spaced out and provide additional detail that will give the reader vital information, making them want to come back for more.

Written by Anthony Bowyer

Senior Account Manager

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