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I'm Nathan Clark

Apprentice Web Developer

Name: Nathan Clark
Position: Apprentice Web Developer
Worked at Northern Media since: January 2018
Key responsibilities within Northern Media: Development of websites and email campaigns.
Biggest achievement: Starting my career in web development.
Previous roles: Service Desk Analyst and Junior Web Developer.
Loves: Volkswagen Polos, nando’s, mars ice cream & my girlfriend.
Hates: Sweetcorn, shopping, busy places.
Secrets of success: A vision as well as determination, hardworking and honesty.
Something you didn’t know about me: I rarely drink alcohol but love Whiskey.
What’s the best thing about working at Northern Media? Takeaways on the last Friday of the month.
If you didn’t work for a marketing agency what would you be doing? I would like to think I’d be working from home creating simple websites for small companies for a small fee.
Favourite quote? "If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." G. Patton

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