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I'm Beth Kent

Marketing Manager

Name: Beth Kent
Position: Marketing Manager
Worked at Northern Media since: August 2018
Key responsibilities within Northern Media: Managing the internal marketing for Northern Media, ensuring everything we do is in keeping with the business’ overall strategy and goals, while making it look good at the same time!
Biggest achievement: Having such a great relationship with my sister
Previous roles: Project Manager in a film company and Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager for a Social Media Company
Loves: Family & friends, gherkins, vintage clothes, Old J rum
Hates: Lying, Taylor Swift, my ears being cold
Secrets of success: Be passionate about what you do and always give it your all
Something you didn’t know about me: I have a crater shaped dint in the back of my head
What’s the best thing about working at Northern Media? The opportunity to collaborate with the team and share ideas. The fun working atmosphere is a great bonus too!
If you didn’t work for a marketing agency what would you be doing? Running a Vintage clothes shop with Tea Room!
Favourite quote? “Practice makes almost average” – My secondary school Art Teacher

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