How to achieve great results with an email marketing campaign

A successful email marketing campaign can deliver great results at minimal cost. To achieve this goal, the campaign needs to be well thought out in order to ensure that subscribers open the email in the first place, are engaged by its content and act upon its call to action. Here are some things we recommend doing:

  1. Keep growing your subscriber’s list

It’s important to keep building your list of subscribers to ensure your campaign will have the best possible reach. There are easy ways to add recipients including subscriptions signup forms on your website.

  1. Personalise the email

To increase the likelihood of the email being opened, used personal greetings such as the recipient’s first name, rather than sending out a generic greeting. This is easy to do when creating your campaign and can be applied to all future emails.

  1. Keep content short and simple

Once people have opened the email, you want to keep the reader’s attention. Use short sentences and ensure that key words or messages noticeable. It is also worth checking that the template you have used is optimised for phones too as many people will read the email on mobile rather than a PC.

  1. Remember to include a call to action

Almost all marketing campaigns have a specific purpose or call to action. If your aim is to push traffic towards a certain part of your site for example, then make sure there is an obvious link to the target page.

  1. Report on your campaigns

Make sure you keep track of what results you are getting from your campaigns. If you are looking to drive traffic to the site, are you seeing an uplift from e-mail campaigns in your google analytics? How many people are opening them each month and are they engaging with the content? All these stats can help you get an even better email campaign success rate.

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Written by Owen

Marketing Support Executive

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