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It is widely accepted by industry experts that a visitor to your website will make a decision on whether to remain or leave your site in around 8 seconds. It’s therefore pretty important you get the design right.

Northern Media are specialists in the field of website design and search engine optimisation. When designing websites, we use our knowledge and experience to build sites that are creative and innovative in design and at the same time provide an enjoyable user experience.

Ensuring that potential customers can find your business online is key to the success of any website, so the focus of our designers is upon structuring a site that will appear prominantly on the major search engines for your major keywords and key phrases.

At Northern Media we focus on achieving five fundamental objectives when designing all websites:

1) Design something that looks great
2) Make it simple and easy to use
3) Capture specific & relevant traffic
4) Provide a return on your investment
5) Make sure its built to last

Design something that looks great

Our team of experienced creative designers consider a number of factors when approaching any new web design project and how it should be structured and designed:

- What is the client trying to achieve ?
- How do we make the website stand out from the crowd ?
- How do we best reflect the clients brand image, key strengths and USPs
- How do we best communicate the clients products and services
- Shall we make the website html (static) or use flash (moving objects / images)
- What imagery shall we use
- Is the site designed purely for information purposes or should there a call to action

Our designers will work with the client to understand ‘what buyers want’ and ‘what buyers do’ when purchasing their products to ensure we deliver this key information quickly.

Make it simple and easy to use

Engaging buyers and making it quick & simple for them to find what they are searching for will play a key role in the success of your website and the return on your investment. At Northern Media one of our key metrics is to ensure that the structure of the website is designed with simple navigation using labels and title descriptions with grammar that will appeal to your target audience.

Capture specific & relevant traffic

You can have the most creative and stylish website in the world, but if your target customers can’t find it then it will fail. That is why at Northern Media, from day one we invest time and effort in ensuring that your website is designed and structured in a way that gives it the best opportunity to be optimised on all the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN), Ask, Lycos etc.

Search Engine Optimisation or Website Optimisation as it is sometimes known, is the process of improving your website’s ranking within the organic listings returned by a search engine, when a user performs a search.

At Northern Media we discuss with our clients at length as to the keywords and key phrases that their customers would typically type into a search engine, like Google, to search for their products. We then establish how often users are typing in those keywords and key phrases into search engines to understand which are carrying the most traffic. Our technical and creative teams then work together during the website design process to ensure that we best capture as much traffic as possible on the major keyword search terms.

The process of optimizing your website starts on day one and essentially does not stop, because two things are constantly changing, a) how search engines rank your website / pages and b) the competition. As more and more people use the internet to source products and services, more of your competitors will invest time, money and effort to get their website on the first page of the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN), so the online environment evolves every day. At Northern Media we set ourselves two objectives with Search Engine Optimisation, 1) To get you onto the first page of the major search engines and 2) to keep you there.

Provide a Return on your Investment

At Northern Media, we work with our clients to try to estimate the return they receive on their online investment. As standard we install Google Analytics onto every clients website so that we can track and monitor all the inbound traffic to the web pages within the site. This allows us to measure the number of page impressions, unique users, time of day usage, day of week usage, bounce rate and any traffic trends over a period of time. Particularly with websites that we have built from scratch, it is important for us and clients to see how, over a period of time, traffic continues to grow as our search engine optimisation and / or search engine marketing strategies take effect.

If we are building an e-commerce site, we can track all transactions from hit to purchase, including transaction value, therefore giving us the ability to measure return on investment.

Websites that are built to last

It is impossible to predict the product lifecycle of a website, simply because different markets will evolve and develop at different rates, and your competition will inevitably drive the need to improve and gain an advantage. However, we will use the latest technology and design platforms to ensure that your website is developed to be competitive in tomorrows marketplace, using architecture which will give it the best chance of being optimised on the major search engines.

Web Design Process

Step One - Planning

Prior to the commencement of any work, we hold discussions with our clients to establish the key objectives of the website. We then hold internal discussions with our creative designers to brainstorm ideas and call upon our experiences, knowledge and expertise to produce a brief of how to move forward.

Our creative designers will then create an initial impression of the home page to give you an indication of the look, feel and layout of the website. It will be a none functional image but structured to enable us to make quick changes following further discussions.

Step Two - Development

Upon approval of the first design phase, the website will then be passed to the development team. The role of the development team is to create a fully-functional working website. This includes creation of all pages, code and creation of any website database as required. Access is granted to the live test site to ensure that you have 24 hours access to our work as we build your site.

Step Three - Testing

When the development stage has been completed and all the functionality of the site has been Implemented the testing stage then ensures that all possible eventualities are covered eliminating the possibility of failures while in active service. The work done in this phase will include:-

- Site proof and bug test
- Upload & browser test

Step Four – Go Live

Once all parties have confirmed that testing has been completed to a satisfactory standard we will publish your website to the live domain name, our role then is to ensure that functionality is working correctly on the new server and that the site is fully operational.