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Innovative, creative and effective corporate video production

If you are looking for a tool that will help you effectively communicate with and captivate an audience then video can be the perfect option. Whether being produced for internal use or to be posted externally via the web a well designed corporate video that exudes character and stirs human emotion can really influence people’s behaviours and drive a response.

Northern Media are experts in the production and creation of innovative videos for all sectors of the corporate marketplace. Whether you are looking to create a sales promotion video, film a seminar or training video, or wish to produce a client project and testimonial video, Northern Media can provide the end to end solution.

Our concept to completion video production service includes filming, copywriting, editing, motion graphics and delivery. Your video production needs will be discussed in length at the start of the process, including to what extend you wish to be involved in the process. We are happy to work with clients who wish to be central to the process throughout, but likewise we are happy to take a brief and take full ownership of the project.

In the initial stages, Northern Media will discuss what you are trying to achieve with the corporate video, who you would like to watch the video, the messages you want to communicate and the desired effect. We will also discuss through what channels you would like the video to be seen and viewed.

Whether you are looking to post a training video on your intranet, want to create a corporate video to post onto your website, or wish to video and broadcast a webinar to a designated audience, Northern Media can help.

Why Video Production?

If you have a compelling story to tell and want it to be heard, video is an exciting and creative way of achieving this objective. With the usage of video on websites and within social media increasing every day, clearly there is an appetite for video amongst consumers. YouTube alone receives around 2billion video views every day.

Certainly with sales promotion videos, there are several advantages that video has over traditional brochure production. An effective sales promotion video that includes human interaction with visual and sound effects are more effective at evoking emotion in the viewer. In today’s time pressured corporate world, buyers want to find information quickly. If produced well, a video is an extremely efficient tool at communicating lots of information in a short amount of time.

By posting video on your own company website or on social media sites, corporate videos can be an extremely cost effective way to market your products or services and engage with your customers, where ever they may be in the world. For national or multinational organisations who operate in many locations and rely heavily upon their own intranet sites, video can be the perfect tool for communicating news and information or delivering training. Either through video, webinar production or a combination of both, key information can be communicated to or accessed by a wide audience.

Can video help with search engine optimisation?

The simple answer is yes. There is evidence to suggest that Google will rank your website higher if it contains engaging video content or includes links to your video content on third party sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. The key to ensuring either method has an SEO benefit is to ensure that the video is described and tagged with relevant keyword content and can be shared by those visiting that page.

Posting relevant and captivating video content on third party sites such as YouTube can achieve several objectives for any business. Because Google presents video in its search results, if tagged correctly your video can be returned for any search you feel is relevant to your business. Not only will this raise brand awareness but it may also drive traffic to your website.