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To devise an effective marketing strategy or plan requires first for us to understand your business. We are not just talking about the commercial elements here. Before imparting any advice or direction Northern Media like to dig deep to really get to the bottom of what your business is about, where it is going and whether the ship within which you sail and all its crew will reach its target destination. Why? Because its easy to waste money in this game and that’s not a place either of us want to be.

In understanding your business, your people and culture, your markets, products, services and both your short and long term goals, Northern Media can create a marketing strategy that maximises the market opportunities and minimises the threats to your business.

The most successful market strategies are those which adapt and evolve to ever changing market conditions. You only have to look at the recent cuts in public sector spending to see that the best laid plans can often be here today, gone tomorrow. New opportunities and threats can arise at any time, so Northern Media place a lot of emphasis on regular communication and consistent discussions around customer behaviour, competitor activity and changes in the market that may create an opportunity or pose a risk.

Adapting the strategy is one thing, re-structuring or re-focusing budgets to reflect such changes are another. Northern Media understands that clients do not have unlimited pots of marketing spend, so when we need adapt their marketing strategies, we endeavour to work creatively within the constraints of that budget, often with no commercial gain to our own business.

Unlike many agencies, Northern Media see marketing and sales as a marriage. A click from your website optimised on Google (SEO), a phone call from your Yellow Pages Advertising campaign, a lead from an Email Marketing campaign, a response from a Direct Mail campaign. Most of our clients rely upon our marketing and advertising strategies to put their products and services in front of potential customers, sell their benefits and generate a response. If ‘selling’ is the process by which you convince your target customer to buy, we believe we play a major part in the buying process.

Whatever type or size of business you are, irrespective of the markets within which you operate, Northern Media will work closely with you to understand your consumers and your position with your chosen markets. We will then devise a strategy which goes further than simply selling your products or services, but which takes your brand and exploits the opportunities in the market.

We never loose sight of our main responsibility, to devise a market strategy that will help our clients achieve their key business objectives, to ensure budgets are spent wisely and you secure the best return on your investment.

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