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Website Optimisation 

Search Engine Optimisation or Website Optimisation as it is sometimes known, is the process of improving your website’s ranking within the organic listings returned by a search engine, when a user performs a search.

The reason website optimisation is so important is because……

- Nearly 90% of the worlds internet users find websites through search engines
- Building a website without search engine optimisation is like investing in a shop and then positioning   it in the middle of a field
- Less than 1% of buyers look beyond page one of Google
- More than half of online purchases are driven from search engines
- Over 20 Billion web pages are trying to get on the first page of search engines

So how do I appear on the first page of the Google ?

To generate more traffic and get more potential buyers seeing your website, you have two choices.
1) You can invest in pence per click and pay Google so that you appear as a sponsored listing.             However, up to 40% of search engine users don’t trust them and won’t click on them.
2) You can use Northern Media’s search engine optimization experts to get you there

The process of optimizing your website starts on day one and essentially does not stop, because two things are constantly changing, a) how search engines rank your website / pages and b) the competition. As more and more people use the internet to source products and services, more of your competitors are investing time, money and effort to get their website on the first page of the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN), so the online environment evolves every day.

At Northern Media we set ourselves two objectives with Search Engine Optimisation, 1) To get you onto the first page of the major search engines and 2) to keep you there. We have a six point approach to Search Engine Optimisation:

Website Assessment and Keyword Analysis

At Northern Media we discuss with our clients at length as to the keywords and key phrases that their customers would typically type into a search engine, like Google, to search for their products. We then establish how often users are typing in those keywords and key phrases into search engines to understand which are carrying the most traffic. We will check where you are currently ranked for all your major keyword search terms.

Our technical programmers will then analyse your website and analyse its structure, configuration and content in order to a) confirm whether we can work with your existing site, b) estimate how long it will take to get you on the first page of Google, and c) Estimate the cost. We will also give you an indication of the changes we will need to make to your existing site in order to achieve the desired results. Dependent upon how your website has been built and the access you may have to it, in some instances we will need to re-build your website from scratch.

Link Building

Google applies a set of rules which determines your sites ranking and hence plays a key role in where your site is returned within its organic listings. Google’s model assumes that if you have a link into your website, that link can count as a vote for your site. The general rule is that the more quality and related links you have into your site, the higher your website will be ranked. Google are continuously changing the algorithms that govern their page ranking systems so the exact science as to the ultimate SEO techniques are evolving all the time.

Northern Media work with our clients to identify and produce a list of suppliers, partners, industry bodies, industry specific directories, general and specific PR & Ezine Sites, multi-media and industry blogging sites in order to establish all the options available to generate back links into your website. We will then produce a strategy on how to create those links. For industry directory sites, it might be as simple as inputting your company details, creating a profile page and creating a hyperlink into your website. For your suppliers, it may require us to approach them and offer to write a press release or a testimonial within which we can create a link from a keyword into the relevant page on your website. Whilst an invaluable link, this can often be a time consuming process and involves building relationships with either marketing executives or webmasters. Please visit out hints and tips folder for guidance on building inbound links:

Assessing Content & Site Structure 

Key to the success of optimising any website on Google is content, in terms of type, volume and structured. Northern Media has an in-house SEO copywriting expert that assesses and ensures that any content is structure correctly, has the right keywords in the right locations and the correct keyword density.

Before we take on any search engine optimisation project, Northern Media will identify all the keywords that you a) feel are relevant to your target audience and b) wish to capture. Using the Google Keyword Tool, we will then assess and provide a report on the volume of searches across those keywords. This data, coupled with your objectives will characterise what content and pages need to be included on the site. It will also form the basis of any off site activity, such as generating backlinks.

If your business provides a service, your customers may enter a location when searching on Google (eg ‘Plumbers Leeds’). Northern Media are skilled in the building of location based pages and content that is aimed at capturing local search traffic.

For any new website that we build, the architecture will be structured to ensure that any spider based search engine, like Google, can fully read the content within the site.

Refreshing Content 

In simple terms, Google likes website that are constantly being changed, improved and developed in terms of relevant content. At Northern Media, we work with our clients to engineer regular news items that have particular relevance to their business, their industry, their customers or their target locations. By producing regular news items around target keyword phrases, coupled with having unique meta tags and meta descriptions, your website ranking will improve over time.

Blog Setup / Blog Content Creation 

Having a blog on your site can be a huge help to ranking well in the search engines. We can carry out this process from start to finish - we can plan, design and implement a blog on your site. We can then either show you how to write blog posts, or we can write blog posts for you at an agreed rate - many of our regular customers have us research and write several blog posts per week.

Tracking & Analysis 

Being able to measure the impact of any SEO activity is key to the success of any campaign. Northern Media will supply you with regular analytics reports on the progress of your Search Engine Ranking, across the keywords identified in the original brief. Rather than simply emailing these reports across, your account manager will meet with you to explain what the statistics mean in search engine and commercial terms, understand the impact the campaign is having on your business and discuss the next steps.