SEO or Social Media?

Search Engine Optimization, or the three letters SEO have dominated the way in which people consider and write content for the web. With skills and tricks positioned around keywords, companies saw their marketing structure change to achieve larger returns.

Being good at SEO meant your website ranked higher on search engine results, with the kickback being more visits to your site and more leads or work related enquiries. For industries where a product was visual, or where competition was high, appearing higher on Google was a necessity.

This was however until Social Media came along, and the revolution of the big three Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has seen the balance shift. No longer is SEO out on its own as the leader, and more companies have been engaging more with likes and followers, than producing SEO rich content for their blogs.

With the balance and Google algorithms shifted, no company can now achieve number one status on SEO alone, but neither with a complete focus on social media. A competitive and thorough strategy, which sees social media and SEO intertwined, will lead to faster and great results.

Social media will undoubtedly create a buzz, driven by its immediacy and 24 hour development, whereas SEO content will continue to be crawled by Google, and will have a longer lasting impression and effect. Social media can turn your familiarity and boost your appeal over night as tweet or post goes viral, but a poor website could well see it crashing back down.

SEO is far more difficult to do that social media, but when done right can be hugely complementary to any social media campaign, so don’t give up on those keywords just yet. Depending on situation, time and perhaps money, the time attributed to SEO may be far less than before as social media creates the next new biz, but do not discount it at all. There is still evidence that places the lead generation rate of twitter or Facebook far lower than that of a website.

When done properly, good SEO will make good social media, which will make good SEO, which will make good social media. I think you get the picture. A bold strategy, a few keywords and 140 characters could well take your business to the very next level.

Written by Helen

Support Executive

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