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Pay Per Click Advertising will generate immediate results (PPC)

If you are looking to target a specific type of visitor and drive immediate and relevant traffic to your website, Northern Media can provide a tailored pay per click advertising campaign that will help your business grow.

Whether you are a business looking at pence per click for the first time or an existing advertiser who feels they are not getting a return on their investment, Northern Media will provide a tailored solution to suit the needs of your business.

Our full range of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising services includes:

- PPC strategy
- Keyword & traffic analysis
- Time based ppc analysis
- Bid Management
- Ad capsule design
- PPC reporting & analysis
- Click to conversion analysis
- Account Management

Northern Media have a proven track record of delivering successful and measurable pence per click campaigns for clients in Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, York and throughout Yorkshire. Our strength very much lies in our ability to listen and understand exactly what types of leads our clients wish to generate, within the constraints of their budgets.

PPC return on investment

Before we go live on any pence per click advertising campaign we will discuss with you what return you are looking for on your adword investment. We will encourage you to set turnover or profit growth targets, ideally set against specific keywords (business areas) over defined periods or intervals. We will discuss with you on a regular basis the performance of both specific keywords and the campaign as a whole. From those discussions, we will often adjust your pence per click campaigns if together we feel you are not getting a return. This is crucial in very competitive or price sensitive marketplaces, where your competitors might adapt their adword strategies or introduce offers to persuade the customer to click on their advert rather than yours.

What is PPC (Pence per click)?

As a single strategy, PPC is one of the most immediate and fastest ways to advertise and market your products and services online. It enables businesses to target people who are searching on the internet for something specific, such as ‘Plumbers in Leeds’. The major search engines such as Google and Yahoo allow businesses to advertising their products and services when a user types that keyword and performs a search. Advertisers can include key information within the advert capsules, which typically consists of such things as the company name, the product / service offered, usp’s, call to action, your website address and a telephone number. On most search engines, the advert capsule will appear at the top and down the right of the search page, within a section called ‘Ads’ (Google) or ‘sponsored results’ (Yahoo).

The great thing about PPC advertising is that is completely flexible and scalable. You can control what keyword search terms you wish to target, where you want to target them, what times and days you want your adverts to appear and how much you wish to spend. Budgets can be set against either specific keywords or for the whole campaign to ensure your costs are kept under control. Every advert can be tailored to each unique search term so that you can include specific information that will influence the customer to click through to your website.

Whilst your designated account manager will meet with you regularly to discuss the success of your campaign, if required we can give you online access into your Google Pence Per Click account so that you can self monitor