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New Website for Mone Bros

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New Website for Mone Bros

Whilst Mone Bros previous website was optimised reasonably well on the major search engines, the senior management team felt that it was starting to look dated and that their main competitors websites had taken a step forward. The consequence of this was that the click to contact ratio seemed to be dropping, which in turn suggested that customers were going elsewhere. They therefore asked Northern Media’s Leeds Website Design team to create a website that was modern and clean, which differentiated Mone Bros from their major competitors and offered comprehensive support information.

With lots of technical products in the Mone Bros portfolio coupled with a diverse range of services, Northern Media’s Leeds Web Design team first spent several days with the customers discussing the requirements and gathering information. Our copywriting team then produced diverse content that included product, service and company information. The challenge our copywriters faced was to ensure the narrative was simple to digest, but retained enough technical detail to instill confidence in the reader. Our Leeds Graphic Design team created a front page that was in keeping with the existing Mone Bros branding and brochures, and which reflected the companies growing portfolio of products and services. We also wanted to ensure the new website showcased some of Mone Bros recent project and client successes.

Phil Mone, Director commented, “The new website is great, we have had lots of positive comments from employees, customers and suppliers which shows it has had an impact. Building our website was always going to be a challenge for any Leeds Marketing Agency, due to the technical nature of the products, the fact that there are several decision makers in the business and because we tend to be very busy, all of the time. What I liked most about working with Northern Media was in the first instance their commitment to understanding our business and our products and also their creative design skills. As the project progressed, I was really impressed with their tenacity to keep pushing us to get things done and eagerness to finish the project on time”

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