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Bringing design to life

High quality printing is an essential part of any marketing agencies brief. The impact of great creative design, photography and copywriting can often be lost if the printing is not of the highest standard. Whilst a well designed colour brochure printed on quality paper can achieve great results, a poorly designed brochure, with low resolution images printed on flimsy paper can have dire consequences.

Lots of variables can influence the quality of print, from the type, quality and thickness of the material used, the resolution of the artwork submitted through to the quality of the ink and printing equipment used. At Northern Media, our philosophy on print is a simple one - you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for very competitive pricing, nor should you have to pay a premium for great quality.

We work closely with our in house designers and photographers to ensure the quality of our design artwork is of the highest standard and submitted in the relevant format when sent to print. We have close working relationship with several printers, each of whom specialise in different areas of print. Having such valued relationships in place not only ensures our customers enjoy high standards of service, but it guarantees consistent quality and production when reprinting.

Whatever your business need, we can provide a wide range of printing and design services including:

- Brochures
- Stationary
- Newsletters
- Reports
- Flyers
- Magazines
- Signage
- Banners
- Presentations
- Posters
- Calendars
- Post Cards
- Menus
- Labels
- Stickers

We also encourage existing clients to use our print services for low volume print work such as flyers, leaflets, sales support material and other marketing documentation. Historically clients would produce these in house, using the office printer. However, we have been able to demonstrate that due to the rising cost of consumer ink cartridges, the cost to outsource printing is actually much lower, whilst the quality is considerably higher.

Whether you require a short digital print run for some business cards, or require a long litho print run for a new corporate brochure, we have the expertise and buying power to deliver high quality printing that meets your needs and budget.

Northern Media are committed to respecting and protecting the environment and are always looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Wherever possible, we will use printers who actively pursue ‘green printing practices’, using FSC-certified recycled papers.

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