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Getting the right message to the right people

There are now a hugely diverse range of opportunities for businesses and individuals to communicate through traditional, digital and social media. Consequently there has never been a better or more challenging time to interact effectively with your target audience, and to deliver precise and instant messages that will shape perceptions and change behaviours.

With the growth of internet access, email communication and mobile devices, people now have the ability to communicate and access information from anywhere in the world. For any business or individual that wishes to engage or interact with its target audience on a regular basis, public relations has become fundamentally important.

If done effectively, a structured and well planned communications strategy can achieve great results: create product or service demand, build brand awareness, generate web traffic, inspire response, change perceptions, motivate staff.

Northern Media specialise in traditional and digital public relations (PR), social media, marketing communications, brand communications, search engine optimization and event management and publicity. Whatever your business needs, we can develop a strategy that supports your key business objectives, from simply communicating information through to producing compelling content that engages and stimulates your target audience to respond. Our public relations services spand a wide spectrum of applications, but typically they include such things as:

- Building brand awareness
- Building the profile and credibility of individuals
- Launching a consumer product or service
- Promoting an existing product or service
- Communicating company achievements
- Staff recruitment, training and qualifications
- Company finance, performance, growth and investments
- Commenting on industry, market or topical news
- Commenting on market opportunities and threats
- Fundraising and community activity

With a diverse range of media options available, the key to a successful Public Relations strategy is to deliver the right message, to the right target audience, through the right media outlets at the right time. When devising a public relations strategy Northern Media consider five key channels. These include:

Writing Great Copy

Once we have understood your objectives, Northern Media will devise a campaign aimed at making you stand out from the crowd, by writing fresh, exciting and engaging content that will create the right impression and stimulate a positive response.

Whilst we integrate the communication and broadcasting of information and news across traditional and digital campaigns, we recognise that language and content needs to be adapted to the media outlet being used, the audience being targeted and the time and attention that audience may give.

In all instances we will aim to deliver powerful and positive information about your business so that the targeted audience understand and are clear about the message you are sending out.

Choosing the right media

Understanding the people you want to reach is the key to selecting the right media to broadcast news and information. What do my target customers read ? through what device do they read it ? how often do they read it ? where are they when they read it ? are just some of the questions we ask ourselves, not only to make sure we are choosing the right media but to assess what content to include.

At Northern Media, we recognise that every customer and every market is different – one size never fits all. Customers operating in a niche sector may require a very specific and targeted approach, whereas attempting to achieve mass market exposure may require the net to be cast as wide as possible.

 We believe that the most effective PR programmes are those that can integrate media relations expertise with a real understanding of traditional media, social media, digital channels and search engine marketing. Only then can you have the confidence that our communications campaigns will reach and connect with the right audience and deliver results.

Developing Social Media Campaigns can be a great way to build profile, generated through online interaction and engaging with your target customers. The list of social media outlets continues to grow, the most well known being Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr giving businesses and individuals the opportunity to reach huge audiences. However, if not planned correctly, poorly managed social media campaigns can damage reputations due to their uncensored nature.

Our philosophy is that the most effective PR programmes are those that can creatively integrate media relations expertise with a real understanding of social media, digital channels and search engine marketing. Whenever we are undertake a piece of work, such as writing a press release on a new product development, we consider every possible printed and digital channel that can be exploited in order to reach our target audience. We view every piece of PR as an SEO opportunity.

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