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Providing Digital, Design and Marketing Services in Manchester

Northern Media provides a full range of professional marketing services in Manchester including websites, web design, branding, SEO, brochures and other graphic design based activities.

Based in Yorkshire, we purely focus on servicing the North of England and have several clients based in the Manchester area. Our Manchester clients range from manufacturing based to professional services and food and drink.

Typical Manchester creative services include:

Website Design
• Web Development
Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)
• Graphic Design including Brochures, Direct Mail and Exhibitions
• Advertising and Media Management
Search Engine Marketing


Whether you are based in Manchester and need a new brochure, are a new business near Manchester looking at building a new website or an established Manchester company that want to develop an effective SEO strategy, Northern Media can provide a range of design, marketing, digital and print services that meet your expectations and deliver value to your business.

If you are based in Manchester and are looking for a small and dynamic creative marketing agency that are hands on with clients, more flexible and adaptable, more personal and open, as well as being highly competitive in terms of quality, service and cost, then contact Northern Media on 01924 367105 or email is on


Economic History of Manchester

Manchester was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, when the city’s history was concerned with textile manufacturing. Manchester was the most productive centre of cotton processing and later the world’s largest marketplace for cotton goods.

Manchester developed a wide range of industries, brought on by the Industrial Revolution. Engineering firms made machines for the cotton trade and diversified into general manufacture. The chemical industry started producing the bleaches and dyes for the industry, but similarly expanded into other areas. Banking and insurance industries grew with the need to support commerce. The growing population and increased trade required a large transport and distribution infrastructure.

The city’s economy is now mainly service-based. In 2007 it was the fastest growing economy in the UK. Manchester has the largest UK office market outside London. Outside of London it is the fifth-largest financial centre in the UK with more than 96,300 people employed in finance and insurance. In 2010 Manchester was ranked as the fourth biggest central retail area in the UK by sales.

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