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Providing Web Design, Graphic Design and Marketing Services in Huddersfield


Northern Media provides a full range of professional marketing services in Huddersfield including websites, web design, branding, SEO, brochures and other graphic design based activities.

Based in Yorkshire, we purely focus on servicing the North of England and have several clients based in the Huddersfield area. Our Huddersfield clients range from manufacturing based to professional services and food and drink.

Typical Huddersfield creative services include:
Website Design
• Web Development
Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)
Graphic Design including Brochures, Direct Mail and Exhibitions
• Advertising and Media Management
• Search Engine Marketing

Whether you are based in Huddersfield and need a new brochure, are a new business near Manchester looking at building a new website or an established Huddersfield company that want to develop an effective SEO strategy, Northern Media can provide a range of design, marketing, digital and print services that meet your expectations and deliver value to your business.

If you are based in Huddersfield and are looking for a small and dynamic creative marketing agency that are hands on with clients, more flexible and adaptable, more personal and open, as well as being highly competitive in terms of quality, service and cost, then contact Northern Media on 01924 367105 or email is on

Economic History of Huddersfield

Once dubbed the ‘poetry capital of Europe’ for its thriving artistic and creative industries, Huddersfield was the setting for Last of the Summer Wine, Brassed Off! and home of the fictional Royston Valley in The League of Gentlemen. But this is certainly not exclusively a ‘local place for local people’. Indeed, Huddersfield is one of the most ethnically diverse and cultural towns in the country thanks largely to a thriving textiles industry that attracted workers from overseas in their droves throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century’s.

Throughout the Middle Ages, Huddersfield developed as a leading centre for the rapidly growing woollen industry to the extent that by the time the Industrial Revolution took hold of the town, the local economy was well-positioned to take full advantage of the new coal-based steam power - along with the new waterways and rail-based transport systems - that would transform this traditional market town into an industrial powerhouse.

The boom created by the textiles industry provided a rich legacy of fine Victorian buildings such as the railway station, once described as ’the finest façade of any such building in the country’. Architecturally the town boasts an incredible number of listed buildings – estimated in excess of 1,660 - the third highest number in England. And although the textile industry has contracted significantly, the wider manufacturing sector continues to be a main source of employment in the town.

Indeed, this sector currently employs over 20 per cent of the town’s workforce, with the likes of Cummins, David Brown Group, Mamas & Papas and Hoyer UK providing most of the employment opportunities in this industry. Elsewhere, the banking and finance sector is not as prominent in Huddersfield as compared to the national average but, as the town continues to grow and redevelop, its influence is becoming more significant. At present, only 14 per cent of jobs are in this sector.

Huddersfield has developed a reputation as one of the cultural and creative hubs of the UK with a wide variety of thespians, artists and actors that is driving the growth of a new media sector in the town. Indeed, the town is home to over sixty marketing, advertising, creative design, and website design agencies.

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