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Northern Media prides itself on delivering the highest possible return on our clients marketing and advertising investment - photography can play a major role in achieving this.

The success of many marketing and advertising strategies can often hinge on the quality, creativity and impact of its photography. Not only is the human eye naturally drawn to an image, but a reader will automatically draw conclusions based upon their immediate perceptions. Whilst it remains a cliché, a picture does paint a 1,000 words.

There are so many marketing and advertising disciplines that demand the use of creative and effective photography or imagery. For example, Website Design, Brochure Design, Public Relations, Advertising and Exhibitions often require the use of professional photographs designed to positively influence the customers buying decision. Northern Media work closely with our clients to ensure that for any project that requires visual impact, the photographs or imagery stimulate immediate interest, synchronise with any textual content, help communicate key information, achieve the right tone and in general help to achieve the desired effect.

For many forms of marketing and advertising there is a very small window of opportunity to influence a prospective buyer. Take the web searcher arriving at the home page of your website or the homeowner receiving your brochure mailshot. If at a glance these lack visual appeal and fail to either provoke interest or build confidence the opportunity can be lost very quickly.

Whenever Northern Media embark upon a project that requires visual impact, alongside writing any textual content we first produce a photography brief that outlines the specific types of photos which we feel will create the desired impact. Considerations are also made in respect of the photo shoots practicality and feasibility.

Working closely with our professional photographers, all photo shoots are thoroughly planned to ensure everyone is aware of the itinerary and that the photographers time is as productive as possible. Whether in our state of the art photographic studio, at our clients premises or on location, we will then produce a wide range of high quality digital photos that will help any project achieve outstanding results.

With many projects being time critical, all photographs are then made available to view and download on the Northern Media website, via a secure log in. Decisions can then be made on the best photos to use and any alterations or retouching required.

Achieving photographic consistency is a key factor in achieving the desired impact. Even if the photography is spread over a period of time or across a number of locations, Northern Media will use the same photographer throughout the project. So whether you require a photographer in Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, York, Bradford or anywhere else in the UK, we will deliver photos of a consistent style.

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