Northern Media win eMarketing and social media contract with Noberne Seals

Noberne Seals, who are part of the Noberne Doors family, has recently decided to work with Northern Media to supply their eMarketing campaign and social media management.

Noberne Seals supply various types of intumescent seals to a huge array of clients. Intumescent seals expand when they come into contact with extreme heat, such as the heat from a building fire. When these seals expand they create a blockage which slows the spread of a fire, and inhibits the movement of smoke.

From initial meetings at Noberne the staff at Northern Media realised that Noberne were simply surviving on repeat custom. Custom that could be lost at any minute to a competitor. This put Noberne in a slightly perilous position. We also learned that a huge number of Noberne’s existing clients, as well as a lot of potential customers, simply did not know of the huge array of intumescent seals that Noberne could supply.

This immediately gave us at Northern Media a couple of areas to focus on:

1. Retention of the current client list.
2. Educating current and potential clients about the wide range of products that Noberne offer.

Both of these aims are achievable through an effective eMarketing campaign.

Northern Media will design, write and distribute a monthly e-shot and a bi-monthly newsletter. The e-shot is a simple device which aims to educate potential customer about the large range that Noberne offers. Each e-shot will focus on a single product, with links back to the various sections of the website so that customers can then peruse at their leisure.

The newsletter also features a product highlight, but will also educate customers about various special offers and deals, as well as giving insight into the workings and people of Noberne, thus helping to retain current customers.

Northern Media has also taken on Noberne Seals’ sales manager, Sarah’s Linkedin management. By doing so we can ensure that she, and by extension Noberne, are getting broadcasted directly to relevant potential customers. Linkedin, when used properly, is an excellent tool for reaching out to potential customers.

Ewan Burkinshaw is the account manager who is looking after Noberne Seals. He comments:

"In a short amount of time we have already built an excellent relationship with Noberne Seals. I can see so much room for growth and progression, and I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into it and seeing where it goes."

Northern Media is a full service marketing agency based in the centre of Wakefield. If you are looking to grow your business and would like to have an open discussion about how we might be able to help, contact our sales director, Jonathan Scott, on 07502 387 521.

Written by Rachel Collins

Business Development Manager

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