NHS Website goes live

Northern Media recently completed the design and build of a new website for the Wakefield Clinical Commissioning group.

The NHS approached Northern Media in May, with a vision to build a website portal that would assist clinical commissioning groups and other health and social commissioners throughout Wakefield, Leeds and surrounding areas. The purpose of the site was to provide information, advice and direction to individuals and groups in order to:

• Embed the concept of vulnerability into generic commissioning of services- making it part of everything they do
• Adopt a ‘vulnerability perspective’ to influence the commissioning of services so they are designed in such a way to be more equitable, accessible and inclusive.
• Reduce health inequalities and improve health and wellbeing outcomes for groups with vulnerabilities.
• Improve data quality monitoring of equality groups including groups with vulnerabilities and the impact services are having on these groups
• Feed the clinical commissioning agenda to ensure it is aligned to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).
• Help commissioners to understand the evidence and link it to best practice
• Have a better evidence base for targeting of services
• Link to the main JSNA targets and priorities – e.g. mental health and link to the Vulnerable Groups Health and Advocacy Support project.

Once of the most important parts of the brief was to create a website that was simple and easy to use, to ensure maximum use of the resource. Northern Media also introduce some simple animation to try and make the website more interesting and different.

In order to track usage, Northern Media introduced a registration process, so that upon first accessing the tool, users would enter some basic details about their role and department. Upon re-visiting the site, users would then simply have to log-in by entering their username and password. All information about registration and usage was then captured and accessible via the bespoke built CMS system. Upon logging out of the site, users would also be issued with an email confirming their usage on the site.

Commenting on the website, Northern Media Sales Director Jonathan Scott added, “The NHS website is really neat and tidy, simple to use and fits the NHS’s brief perfectly. The website was delivered on time and on budget which was a fundamental part of the project. Needless to say the NHS is very happy with the end product”

To view the website visit http://www.wakefieldcommissioningvulnerabilitytoolkit.co.uk/Log-In.aspx.

Written by Anthony Bowyer

Client Manager

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