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Emarketing will generate more website traffic and engage customers

eMarketing could be defined as ‘the meeting between modern communication technologies and traditional marketing principles’. More specifically it is the application of marketing techniques and practices using electronic media via the internet.

Northern Media can provide the complete range of emarketing services including:

- Search Engine Marketing
- Pence per Click Advertising
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Public Relations
- Social Media Marketing
- Email Marketing

Whilst Search Engine Marketing, pence per click advertising, search engine optimisation and public relations are featured on other pages of our website, this page will focus upon our social media and email marketing services.

Social Media Marketing

Whilst not appropriate for every business, social media marketing can be an extremely effective way of communicating and engaging with your target audience, with the aim of generating more web traffic, promoting your brand, and ultimately growing sales.

The key to successful social media campaigns is the ability to use subtle word of mouth techniques that develop into conversations with your customers and clients. It is about connecting with people, inviting dialogue and feedback, responding and through the process of engagement, communicating your company messages. By keeping any social media dialogue simple, interesting and conversational, businesses can increase their brand visibility and credibility across many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Myspace, YouTube, Flickr, Linkedin etc.

Northern Media have a team of social media specialists who are experts at building your social media network. Your account manager will initially assess the types of consumers you wish to communicate with and then research the online communities that identify with your brand. Our social media marketing services include:

- Identify online communities and relevant social network sites
- Create a profile page for your business or brand
- Install social bookmarking links to your website
- Blog Creation and copywriting
- Creating viral content

Email Marketing

If used wisely, promoting your business, products or services via email can play a fundamental role in helping your business:

- Building stronger client relationships
- Generate and grow sales
- Build brand awareness
- Retain brand loyalty
- Generate web traffic
- Communicate information
- Reduce costs

There are several key advantages to using email marketing over traditional paper based methods, the main being speed, accuracy and cost. In simple terms, email shots allow you to design tailored messages that can target a specific market audience at a fraction of the cost within seconds.

Email marketing is an ideal solution for businesses that want and need to keep in regular contact with their customers or prospect client base, but perhaps don’t have either the time or budgets to spend on regular printing, mailing or telemarketing. It is also ideal for companies whose customers buying habits are predictable or follow trends, because email marketing allows you to deliver a specific message at exactly the right moment, when your customer is most likely to buy.

Northern Media can demonstrate a proven track record of delivering very effective email marketing campaigns that includes e-newsletters, e-flyers, e-cards, e-invitations, that have generated response rates of between 5% and 35%.

We use an advanced email management and delivery system, and can provide the complete end to end solution, including:

- Data collection and management
- Database management
- Email shot design & copywriting
- Campaign reporting and analysis

Dependent upon the needs of your business, we can either provide you with online access to self manage your email marketing campaigns or alternatively our emarketing team can manage the entire process.

And don’t forget, email marketing can play a key role in reducing your carbon footprint, which is a great PR story in itself and one which can be communicated to your target audience.

Why has eMarketing become popular?

eMarketing in general has become increasingly popular amongst businesses due to five key factors:

Lower Cost
Typically, a well planned eMarketing campaign can be implemented for a fraction of the cost of many traditional marketing methods such as direct mail.

The internet has no geographical boundaries, so through web presence, electronic mailing and social media, businesses are now able to target a much wider geographic audience

Web analytics software has made it much easier for businesses to measure the impact of a particular campaign and assess return on investment.

Because production costs are lower, time can now be spent on tailoring electronic communication to your target audience, based on demographic profiling or using customer relationship management software.


In some instances, eMarketing has been found to offer better conversion rates than traditional marketing and advertising, primarily because you are able to target specific customers with specific needs. The best example of this is Google Adwords, where you are able to put your website in front of customers searching for a specific keyword.