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ECommerce Website Design

Achieving sales growth within the online marketplace

E-commerce or Ecommerce as it is commonly known is the process of selling ones products or services over electric systems such as the internet, wireless networks and other computer networks such as an intranet. Amongst the top ecommerce sites in the UK are Amazon, Argos, Play.com, Apple, Tesco and Marks & Spencer.

With more and more people abandoning the high street in favour of buying online there has never been a better time to launch an ecommerce website. The rising cost of living coupled with the capping of wage increases is forcing the public to work longer hours to sustain the same lifestyle. Consequently, the public are increasingly buying online from ecommerce websites as both a time pressured convenience, but perhaps more importantly as a means to source the best possible deals.

Northern Media can provide the complete ecommerce solution that meets your needs and budget, from simple brochure websites through to database driven websites. We are also experienced at delivering data capture applications and customer relation management (CRM) software, including the use of customer data to create email marketing campaigns.

For those looking for a low cost ecommerce website, we can provide template based designs that are simple and easy to use and will offer you a quick, low cost route to market. For those wanting something that is fully tailored and integrated with your existing corporate branding and IT infrastructure, we can design an e-commerce site that is unique to your business and structured specifically to be optimised across your target keywords. 

Bespoke Ecommerce Websites

If you walk down the high street of any major city, you would rarely find two competing retailers whose shops look the same. They will have a brand, a style, an identity, a layout and a portfolio that is unique to their shop. Furthermore, shops constantly change, introducing new seasonal stock and adapting to market trends and demand. Over time shops may undertake a complete facelift and modernize in an aim to reposition the brand or improve the shopping experience.

The online marketplace is no different and the key to the success of any ecommerce site is to create a site that makes people want to buy from you as oppose to from your main competitors. To achieve that you have to stand out, be different, offer a better shopping experience and consistently look to improve and evolve. The best way to achieve this is with a bespoke ecommerce website and Northern Media can provide the complete solution.

There are many advantages of designing and building a bespoke ecommerce website, including:
1) Unique to your business
2) Design tailored to your corporate branding
3) Differentiate you from your competition
4) Increased functionality
5) Greater flexibility
6) More Scalable
7) Integrated with existing IT infrastructure

Northern Media have the creative expertise to design a bespoke website that will look great, and the technical know how to deliver a site that functions exactly as you want. Our Search Engine Optimisation Specialists will also ensure that your ecommerce website is optimised across your chosen keywords.

In the first instance, your Account Manager will discuss your specific needs, including the portfolio you wish to sell, the volumes you wish to achieve, your target audience, your online competition, the functionality you require, how changeable the website needs to be and any required integration with your current IT system.

Our in house designers will then produce a range of conceptual ecommerce front page and product / service page designs that are creative, clear and simple to use, based on proven ecommerce navigation methods. Our IT engineers will also undertake an assessment of the IT requirements, in terms of the transaction, payment, invoicing and administration processes, any database requirements and the user interface for the CMS system.

Whilst most customers typically upload their own specific product or service content, Northern Media can provide professional copywriting services where required. For ecommerce websites that require optimizing on the major search engines such as Google, we can devise a tailored SEO campaign around your key product or service areas. This is likely to include such things as writing additional content, link building and social media activity.

Throughout the build process, your Account Manager will be your one point of contact for any questions or changes you would like to make. Once the e-commerce website is built, in addition to providing you with comprehensive training on how to use the content management system make changes to the website, we will also provide ongoing maintenance support. Your account manager will also hold regular meetings with you to discuss your websites performance, and to identify ways of continuously improving and evolving the website.

Template Ecommerce Websites

For companies looking to take their first steps into Ecommerce, or those that are looking to trade modest volumes online, a template ecommerce website is an ideal choice. With a template based ecommerce site, you can give your website a highly professional look without burning a huge hole in your budget.

Northern Media can offer customers template ecommerce websites that are quick and simple to set up, based on proven ecommerce platforms and secure payment methods. Not only can we deliver a template website quicker, the costs tend to be significantly lower than bespoke websites, mainly as a result of less design and web development work.

If search engine optimization is key to the success of your ecommerce site, template designs can often offer limited SEO capability, due to their architecture, database structure and limited flexibility. Northern Media will work with you to understand your commercial objectives, and whether a template website will be able to deliver those objectives before moving forward.

Whilst much of the product and service content will typically be uploaded by our customers themselves, Northern Media will ensure that the structure of the site is set up correctly. Your dedicated Account Manager will give you training on how to use the content management system and provide help and guidance on how best to achieve the desired look.

Irrespective of whether you choose a template ecommerce package or a bespoke ecommerce website, you have our assurances that we will deliver a first class website. We will also provide indepth training on the content management system (CMS), and continue to support your business throughout the lifecycle of the website.