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Direct Mail


Creative and impactful direct marketing campaigns to stimulate customer response

Northern Media can provide a diverse range of direct marketing strategies, designed to deliver clear and powerful messages that will stimulate your target audience and bring about a positive response.

Many ‘direct marketing’ experts believe the days of churning out ‘mass market’ direct mail, telemarketing and emails for example are a thing of the past. Why ? because customer relationship management software and data capture technology now enable us to profile our customers much easier. Consequently Northern Media can now tailor your direct marketing campaign around specific demographic profiles, where your customers live, their buying habits, likes and dislikes and their online movements. This makes it easier for us to target and communicate unique messages to each consumer group or individual buyer.

At Northern Media, we have certainly not written off the power and effectiveness of mass market or mass volume direct marketing campaigns. To this day, we continue to deliver such campaigns with great success, because they are still cost attractive and consequently deliver solid returns for several of our clients. However, with the growth of internet use and the increase in email and social media as a means of communication, Northern Media are more frequently using digital marketing strategies to reach out to existing and prospect customers. From capturing electronic customer data through to generating tailored, timely and managed email marketing campaigns we can devise an effective strategy designed to achieve many key objectives:

1) Generate a lead
2) Generate a sale
3) Build brand awareness
4) Reinforce brand loyalty
5) Stay in touch
6) Communicate key information
7) Drive interaction

To deliver an effective direct marketing campaign, Northern Media place great emphasis on first understanding our clients target market and the buying behaviour of their target customers, particularly during a volatile economic climate. We must also be creative, precise with our message, and ensure that the target audience is sufficiently stimulated to take a positive course of action.

Our ultimate aim is to help our clients grow their business, by building and developing a strong relationship between their brand and their target customers, whether existing or prospective. Working with clients to understand the needs of their business, we can create and implement one off direct marketing campaigns or look to devise multiple strategies as part of their wider marketing mix. Our range of direct marketing services includes:

- Direct Mail
- Door Drop Marketing
- Telemarketing
- Data Sourcing
- Database Marketing
- Email Marketing
- Social Media
- Field Marketing
- Brochure Design
- Flyer Distribution
- Printing

Whether we are delivering an offline or online direct marketing strategy, Northern Media work closely with our clients to understand exactly who, when and how they want to target and communicate with their audience. Once we have identified how we would like the audience to respond, we can then start to produce a range of creative ideas that contain powerful and impactful messages that will achieve the desired results.

Northern Media are fully aware of our responsibilities as a marketing agency to deliver not only value for money, but a return on our clients marketing investment. We encourage all clients to set clear objectives as to what they expect from any direct marketing campaign, from specific phone call, click, email, footfall, revenue and profit goals, through to more intangible elements such as customer feedback and response. Particularly for medium to long term direct marketing campaigns, Northern Media will meet with clients on a regular, pre-agreed basis to monitor results and assess the success of the campaign.

To maximise the response rate of all direct marketing campaigns, our team of professionals will produce a structured plan that will ensure the direct marketing project is implemented on time and on budget.

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