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Outstanding ‘business focused’ Graphic Design Services

Northern Media have assembled a team of passionate and creative graphic designers, each with unique skills that has allowed us to deliver the complete range of design led marketing services, including:

- Branding
- Brochure design
- POS design
- Newsletter design
- Website design
- New media design

Northern Media are therefore able to take a design concept and successfully create, manage and implement any campaign across all print and digital media. This ensures that your marketing or advertising project will be consistently branded, professionally managed and co-ordinated.

In the initial stages of any design project, your account manager will work closely with you to understand your business, your needs, your ideas and the results you are trying to achieve. Working closely with our graphic design team, we will then produce a range of ideas to present back for discussion.


Whether you are launching a new company, product or service and are starting with a blank canvass or your existing business that is looking to re-brand, Northern Media’s graphic designers can produce a range of creative branding ideas and logo designs across the marketing mix.

Our graphic design team will work closely with your account manager to identify the wants and needs of your customers and prospects, and identify all the moments and opportunities to interact with your target audience. We will create a range of brand ideas that reflect the products or services being offered, and is defined by their qualities. Where relevant, we will work with you to devise logo’s and straplines that tie in with the branding and reinforce the message you wish to communicate.

Northern Media have a proven track record of both re-branding and creating a brand and corporate identity from scratch. We recognise that a brand will never succeed unless your target audience like it, relate to it and are engaged by it, which is why we will create a lot of diverse ideas and canvass lots of opinion. As a full service agency, our strength lies in our ability to visualise the brand across the full marketing mix and create branding designs tailored to each individual media channel.

Brochure Design

A creatively designed, stylish and professional brochure can play a key role in raising the profile of your business. Northern Media have a proven track record of designing brochures that look great, but more to the point have made significant improvements to our client’s conversion rates.

Whilst your account manager will ensure that all relevant and key information is contained within the brochure our brochure design team will ensure that this information is presented in a style that engages your target audience. Working closely with together with our copywriting and photography teams, our graphic designers will produce a piece of work that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

POS Design

Point of Sale by definition is the place where decisions are made to buy. It is therefore crucial that any POS designs and displays need to be creatively designed to stand out from the crowd.

Northern Media can source standard POS displays for retailers or offices at affordable prices or we can design and produce bespoke POS display units in metal, plastic, wood and card. Whether you are looking for a one or a thousand, we provide a solution to your needs.

Following initial close consultation with your account manager, our point of sale designers will produce a range of display solution ideas that are creative and impactful. We will also give consideration to practical functions from where it is being used to how durable the display solution needs to be. The focus of our designers is to produce something that ultimately the customer doesn’t walk by, but instead they stop and buy.

Newsletter Design

As day to day business becomes increasingly time pressured, a newsletter is an extremely effective way to communicate information, good news, success stories, contract wins, new products and services, project news to either an existing or prospect client base.

In our experience of writing and producing newsletters over the last five years, the key to their success is ensuring that the content is tailored to its target audience and contains information that will be of benefit to the recipient. Generally speaking, we try to ensure that our newsletters strike that balance between having plenty of new, useful, credible and interesting commercial information, coupled with a bit of fun and personality. By giving newsletters a mix, we find that we can reach quite a diverse audience. Our research has also suggested that people read newsletters in downtime, so bombarding readers with too much hard line business information can disengage readers.

Northern Media can provide the complete end to end solution, including bespoke newsletter design, copywriting, photography, print, distribution and electronic mailing. Our team of writers and designers work together to produce a newsletter that is creative and stylish, but fundamentally is tailored to appeal to your target market.

Emailing newsletters either as a flat file, pdf attachment or via a hyperlink to your website has become increasingly popular over the last two years for three key reasons:

1. There is printing involved so costs are kept very low
2. You can reach your target audience within seconds, so it is extremely quick
3. There is an environmental benefit of not using paper
Also known as email marketing, Northern Media can provide the complete e-newsletter service, from the design of the newsletter through to database and contact management, electronic mailing, response analysis, open and click through rates and reporting.

Website Design

The key to successful website design is to first understand the key and unique strengths of your products and services coupled with the desires and motives of your target market. Your account manager will first ask you lots of questions about your customers, their behaviours, their age and demographic profiles. They will also try to identify key reasons why your target market should buy from you rather than your competition. We will then research the market to gain a better understanding of your competitors websites, any likes and dislikes, and generate ideas how you can stand out from the crowd.

We also discuss how important it is for your website to be optimised within the natural search results of the major search engine as this will also influence the design and layout.

Your account manager will work closely with our website design team to produce a range of front page and internal page concepts that markets the unique selling points of your products, services or business. We will pay particular attention to ensuring that whilst being creative and stylish your website design is functional and practical, to ensure visitors can find exactly what they want quickly. We will ensure that the website design is consistent with your company branding and corporate image, and ties in with other elements of your marketing mix.

Where possible, we will also ensure the design of the website can accommodate future developments within the business, so that if you choose to add new products or services or diversify into new markets the website can evolve and expand.

New Media Design

To take advantage of the growing number of internet users Northern Media’s new media design team can produce a range of creative ideas for use online. From bespoke animation through to simple display and banner advertising, Northern Media can provide a tailored solution.

Recent projects have included such things as digital artwork, corporate presentations, gif animations, animated e-mailers and e-cards, game design and video production.