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Effective Copywriting is a fundamental part of any online or printed marketing campaign. Considered by some as a science in its own right, the art of copywriting lies in the ability to strategically deliver words that can influence the target audience to take a course of action.

Whilst effective copywriting does follow some key academic rules, the real challenge is in adapting copywriting styles and techniques to the relevant marketing function. For example, the headline & text used to grab the attention of a newspaper reader will differ greatly from the narrative used on a web page. Whilst a newspaper advert will typically try to grab the attention of a reader, the words on a web page will need to be written and structured in a way that is search engine friendly.

At Northern Media we have a professional team of copywriters, with the skills to write compelling narrative that will connect with their target audience and stimulate the desired response.

Particularly when dealing with clients that offer products or services that are complex or technical by nature, Northern Media first invest time and energy gaining an in-depth understanding the clients businesses, products, services and markets. Only then do we start to discuss the copywriting requirements of that specific project.

Initial meetings tend to involve gathering information, discussing what clients are really trying to achieve with the narrative, identifying what message they wish to communicate and the desired outcome. At Northern Media, we place great emphasis on exploring and completing these first stage tasks for two key reasons. One, our copywriters are able to produce the narrative without having to regularly go back to the client to ask questions or to request more information. Two, the project is consequently delivered much quicker.

Our expert copywriters can produce creative and compelling words across a range of marketing and advertising applications including:
- Brochures
- Websites
- Direct Mail
- Press Releases
- Advertising
- Email Marketing
- Sales Support Material
- Search Marketing (SEM)

More recently, writing narrative for websites has become a major part of our business. Known as SEO Copywriting, Northern Media have a team of SEO specialists who are experts in writing web text that will help optimize your website on major search engines such as Google. Today, effective SEO copywriting involves writing content that targets keyword phrases that relate to your company’s products, services and markets. Achieving the balance between keyword frequency and density whilst ensuring keywords are positioned in the right location of each web page are key factors to achieving a high page rank on Search Engines.

However, with recent changes in Google’s algorithms modern SEO Copywriting strategies extend beyond basic content. With the advent of blogging and social media platforms, modern SEO is all about creating narrative that is so compelling that people want to either promote it - by linking to it, sharing it or reviewing it. Why ? because search engines like Google will rank your site based upon what others think about your content, and the words that are used to link to your website as an important indication of the quality and relevance of your website.

Northern Media therefore work closely with our clients to identify, write and post material that will stimulate interest from customers and prospects, or from suppliers, partners and commentators within their industry or target sector. This SEO copywriting can take many forms, but typically includes such things as online blogging, product and service guides, hints & tips guides, FAQs, press releases, all of which may be posted either on our clients website or on a third party website.

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