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Creating a brand that users will like, engage with and trust

Whether you are looking to create a brand from scratch or you are looking to re-brand, Northern Media have a team of experts ready to create a unique image and identity for your business, a product or a service.

Essentially branding is about the process of understanding ones customers and then creating an image that they will engage with, trust, relate and buy into. A brand is about your ‘good name’ and what your business stands for, but equally represents what you don’t stand for. In practical terms branding is a name, a symbol, a sign, a strapline or most probably a combination of these things, but to begin with it is about listening to what customers want and need. A good brand will achieve the following objectives:

- Delivers a clear message
- Confirms your credibility
- Has an emotional connection
- Motivates the buyer
- Creates user loyalty

During the initial stages, your account manager will spend time really trying to understand the nature of your business, your products and services. We will work together to identify your target customers, try to profile them, segment them, and gain an insight on what turns them on and ultimately influences them to buy. Your competitors will be assessed and we will openly discuss the strongest and weakest players, what their brands represent and why they are either trusted or disengage. We will identify gaps in the market and produce strategies on how we will position your brand to compete in that market space.

Our brand management team coupled with our graphic designers will produce a range of concepts and creative designs which begins to give your brand a personality across the marketing mix. Through a process of discussion and feedback, we will work with you to evolve the initial logo, symbol and strapline ideas so that we finish with a brand that we know your target audience will engage with and trust. An identity that will have authority and establish confidence amongst consumers.

Northern Media have worked with customers across a diverse range of marketing sectors. Whilst some clients have worked with us simply to produce the branding ideas, most have continued to work with us, to ensure that whatever marketing strategy they deploy, their brand remains consistent.