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Creative & rewarding advertising solutions across digital and print media

With the growth of online and digital media it would be easy to assume that the end of print media is nigh. Not in our book… Pardon the pun. Many of our clients tell us that their businesses have suffered when other agencies have suggested transitioning their budget to digital media.

At Northern Media we take a simple approach to advertising – understand your target audience, understand their needs and buying habits, learn their behaviours and indentify the appropriate channels to communicate and engage. Our approach when devising advertising strategy is therefore completely ‘audience led’ and we will work closely with you to really understand the behaviours of your customers.

Once you have identified your business objectives, Northern Media will research the market to identify the best mix of media channels available and produce an advertising plan that itemises how and when your media budget will be distributed. Not only will this save you time and money, but it will ensure that we achieve the best return on your spend. We also produce a creative wallboard which starts to conceptualise the ideas and messages for each advertising channel.

Our advertising services span the full spectrum of online and printed media, including:

Printed Media Advertising:
- Directory Advertising
- Magazine Advertising
- Press Advertising
- Point of Sale (POS)
- Sales support material
- Direct Mail
- Brochure Design
- Leaflet Design & Distribution
- Bill Board Advertising
- Signage
- Window & Poster Displays
- Vehicle branding
- Newsletters

Digital Media Advertising:
- Search Engine Marketing
- Pence per click (PPC)
- Adwords & Sponsored Links
- Directory Advertising
- Emarketing / Email Marketing
- Enewsletters (Electronic)
- Display Marketing
- Banner Advertising
- Website Design

For almost all of our clients, their advertising strategies operate across several print and digital channels, but fundamentally each is measured and assessed to ensure they deliver a return on investment. Whether using Google Analytics, emarketing software, unique call monitoring numbers, client side data capture or market research methods, Northern Media will work closely with you to ensure that your advertising pound is generating the best possible return.

The key to the success of any advertising campaign is being able to adapt the design brief to accommodate different media channels. Having discussed the channels to market during the early stages of our discussions, Northern Media have a team of outstanding graphic designers who will create a range of designs that are tailored to each media, the messages you wish to communicate and the target audience. We will ensure that all graphic design is kept consistent across all media outlets.

Northern Media have close working relationships with all the major newspaper and magazine publishers throughout Yorkshire. If you are looking to invest in printed or digital display advertising you can assured that our media buying team will secure you the best possible rates. These relationships also ensure that when looking to pursue an active PR campaign, then we are in the best position to maximise on the opportunities available.

With the online advertising becoming increasingly competitive, Northern Media also has a team of search engine marketing specialists whose role it is to get the most out of your pence per click (PPC) budget. With the industry seeing a significant number of businesses transition their budgets from printed to online media, never has there been a more important time to get your Adword campaign right. Our PPC specialists can deliver the complete end to end solution from researching your chosen keywords, traffic analysis, campaign set up, measurement and reporting through Google Analytics.